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iTunesKeys 1.80

Postby MattBerube » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:03 pm

I changed the track info popup to display an HTML page instead of a Windows Form.
The downside is this won't work right on Windows XP.
The iTunes SDK doesn't seem to work with anything newer than .NET 2,
which means I'm stuck using an embedded Internet Explorer,
which is limited to IE 8 on Windows XP, which has poor HTML/CSS support.

On to the positives!
If you use the default page the popup will mostly look like it did before.
But if you know HTML/CSS/Javascript you can customize it to
display (almost) anything you want. The default display page is:
Code: Select all

The track info formatting options get written to:
Code: Select all

The default page contains these elements:
Code: Select all
<div id="artist"></div>
<span id="album"></span>
<span id="trackNumber"></span><br>
<div id="song"></div>
<div id="trackRating">trackRating</div>
<div id="year"></div>
<div id="genre"></div>
<div id="trackTime"></div>
<div id="trackDuration"></div>
<div id="trackPosition"></div>
<img id="albumArt">

which get written to with the current track info.
After that, the trackInfoUpdated() function is called.
In the default page I use this function to resize the album art and
update the track time progress bar.

If you want to make changes to the page, make a copy of trackinfo.html
and change the Display Page location to your page, trackinfo.html will
get overwritten in installs.

After creating your own page, you can create whatever layout/formatting you like. ... sSetup.exe
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